Privacy Policy

This may sound a bit like the boring part BUT it is important, so please do read this section.

  • We’ve written a summary just below but we’ve detailed our policy in more detail below.
  • I Should CoCo (the ‘Company’) is a privately owned UK business, company number 10774658, registered at 4 Prince Albert Road, London, NW1 7SN. We set the business up to give people (the ‘entrants’) a better chance of winning the prizes they actually want, be that once in a lifetime experiences through to lifestyle prizes such as TVs, Sound Systems and even blow-up spas!
  • To operate this competition business we need certain personal information about you, detailed below, but we are always respectful that your personal data is private and we will never sell your information to other 3rd parties. We only use the personal information necessary to run the business.
  • The Company welcomes and will abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR, in our view, is a long overdue regulation that stops companies abusing people’s personal information. It stops organisations offering up prizes foc but sell your data to anyone! Our company is set up on the very clear idea that the entrant enters the competition to get the chance to win the prize that they want for a fixed entry price clearly set out on each game. To repeat, we will never sell your personal information to other businesses – that’s just not right!
  • We want to be as clear as possible about what information we need and what we will do with it. If you ever want to know more, please just email us on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

What we need and why:

  • Full name so we can identify you for all correspondence and winner selection process
  • Social media eg Facebook or Google contact details to help pre-fill registrations and help identify you for future activity
  • Telephone number (mobile and/or landline), email and address to correspond with you to:
    –  inform you that you’ve won
    –  inform you of other games and prizes available across I Should CoCo
    –  update you on the progress on games
    –  communicate any get great offers or discounts from our prize partners
    – these will only be sent via I Should CoCo – we do not sell your personal information
    – we will only send them IF we think they are good enough!
    –  Inform you of any changes to our T&C’s, Privacy or other policies
  • We need your payment details so that we can collect payment for the games you chose to play
  • We need your age to ensure that you a legally allowed to play the games
  • We ask for your gender to ensure we address you correctly – but this is not a necessary
  • How you heard about us so that we can evolve our marketing plans
  • Other profile information e.g. feedback on prizes you’d like added to our games, site feedback, other sites you enjoy
  • All personal data collected is required to either fulfil the contract we have with our customers to complete each game OR because of legitimate business interest to enable the business to operate as a going concern and complete each game within the time frames set out on site. Ensuring we have a winner every month is our promise to our customers and we will deliver that
  • We may anonymise and aggregate your data to use for other purposes e.g. data analysis with external parties but this means that your personal information is NOT identifiable. For clarity, we will not share any data that allows anyone else to personally identify you

Key points on our cookie policy:

  • This is detailed in the relevant tab, but we thought it might be useful here aswell!
  • The summary is that we use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information from you when you use our website
  • This helps us understand what you do on our website, when/if you click off at a certain point, how long you spend on site, try to identify things that look like they are not working and generally learn how we can improve the performance of our site
  • We also want to understand some more technical details such as what browser you are using, what devices you use and generally try to understand more about how we can optimise the user experience and our own marketing

Other important points about your data:

  • We will keep your data for as long as you are happy for us to.
  • But you may send us an email to under you ‘right to be forgotten’ at any time and we will remove all your details as soon as possible.
    • As you can imagine we’d prefer you not to because we won’t be able to communicate with you again if you do this – at worst not being able to inform you that you’ve won!
    • But this is an important ‘right’ of GDPR and one that we will embrace fully if you’d like us to.
    • There may be a legal reason for us to require us to hold onto your data until any legal issues are concluded. At which time, we will remove all your personal information from our files.
  • Importantly, your personal information will be stored safely and securely to the best of our ability. Keeping your personal information ‘personal’ is important, we know it’s important and we will always respect that.
    • However hard we try there is always a risk in the transmission of data over the internet and it is never 100% secure. So the transmission of data is at your own risk.
  • Your personal information will only be used by I Should CoCo companies and will not be shared or sold to any other company.
  • If we change our Privacy Policy we update our this text, so please do review every now and again to make sure you are happy with it – but we will not change this substantially without sending more formal communication to you via the contact details provided

A few details on your rights:

In certain situations, you are entitled to:

  • access your personal data;
  • receive information about us and the purposes for which we process your personal data;
  • prevent processing which may cause you damage or distress
  • correct or update your personal data yourself or ask us to do it on your behalf
  • ask us to delete/erase your personal data. This is your right to be forgotten by requesting all personal data collected from you, by us, be deleted completely from our database, systems and server
  • object to the processing of your personal data where we are relying on a legitimate interest
  • object to direct marketing and select the contact channels we market through
    object to automated decision-making in certain cases
  • restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • be notified in the event of a data breach, where data lost or stolen involves your personal data
  • request the transfer of your personal data to a third party; or
  • where you have provided your consent to certain of our processing activities, in certain circumstances, you may withdraw your consent at any time (but please note that we may continue to process such personal data if we have legitimate legal grounds for doing so).

Any Questions?
If you would like to ask us anything about our Data Privacy Policy or indeed ask us to remove your data from our files please email us at

LAST UPDATED: 28th February 2021